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Floral Native Honey


Pure Vitality Honey’s native floral honey types have captured the pure quality essence of New Zealand. We travel from the coastal shores to the forests and meadows to harvest this natural raw honey.

Nowhere else in the world can you find native trees that produce an array of flora which is so unique and varied. With careful planning and optimum sites our beekeepers are able to collect a fine selection of distinct honey types.

Our beekeepers choose our sites carefully because each apiary location has its own special nuance and character and this is reflected in the honey when tasting it.

Each honey displays its own unique characteristics, texture and flavour. You will definitely have your preferred favourite but we think they are all delicious – naturally!



The Pure Vitality Honey extraction and packaging facility utilizes the latest technology for honey processing, packing and distribution. Our customized facility is certified to the highest quality standards and all products are processed under strict guidelines and procedures. We are a company with a strong commitment to quality, taking every measure to ensure our honey is pure and natural with no added preservatives, colors or flavors.

At every step of the journey, from the forest to the shelf, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive top-quality products and service.

At Pure Vitality we have an integral focus to consistently provide high quality, genuine and traceable product to the highest standard. This is why we invested in obtaining UMF Quality Trademark to assure our customers of the authenticity of our premier product. To us quality is paramount, and we intend to remain at the top of quality assurance in the New Zealand honey industry.


Our facility is RMP (Risk Management Programme) registered and certified on behalf of the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI). Our factory has EU certification under the RMP quality system which is the most stringent honey quality accreditation in New Zealand. Our facility and business systems are annually and independently audited by AsureQuality.

RMP is a certification programme designed to manage the hazards, wholesomeness and labelling of Honey products. Forest Gold Honey has RMP certification under the RMP EU quality system which is the most stringent honey quality accreditation in New Zealand.

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