Manuka Blend 250g - Pure Vitality Limited
Manuka Blend 250g - Pure Vitality Limited
Manuka Blend 250g - Pure Vitality Limited
Manuka Blend 250g - Pure Vitality Limited

Manuka Blend 250g

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Pure Vitality's Manuka Blend 250g is harvested from some of the most remote and pristine regions of the South Island’s West Coast of New Zealand, from the flowers of our native Manuka tree and other floral sources.


Pure Vitality's Manuka Blend Honey contains unique Manuka compounds, validated by an independent laboratory.


  • 100% natural honey made from the nectar of the Manuka tree flower and other New Zealand floral varieties.

Pure Vitality Honey’s native floral honey types have captured the pure quality essence of New Zealand. We travel from the coastal shores to the forests and meadows to harvest this natural raw honey.


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