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3 Beautiful Hairstyles to Try Out in 2019

3 Beautiful Hairstyles to Try Out in 2019

The new year is a time for celebration, resolutions and new beginnings. As the calendar year kicks off and you shake off the residue of 2018, why not leave your old hair behind and start off fresh with a brand new style? There’s never been a better time for a new cut, with a wide variety of trends, colors, and processes for every type of head. Whether you’re straight or curly, fine or thick, short or long, there’s a new style out there with your name on it

While a new do can work wonders for your personal style, no amount of cutting and layering can replace the vitality, shine and effortless beauty of truly healthy hair. Blow-drying, color treatments, and simple sun and weather damage can wreak havoc on your lustrous locks that no amount of conditioning treatments can fix, but don’t fret. Truly healthy hair starts from the inside out

1 - To Fringe, or Not To Fringe?

The fringe is back, and in so many variations we can barely keep up. One of the great things about trying a fringe cut is that the commitment factor is fairly low and the effect can completely change your current style. If you don’t like your new look, it’s not as difficult to grow out as a full blown cut, and once it gets long enough, it’s easy to thin out and sweep to the side or turn into layers. Here are just a few of our favorites for your consideration

The Curtain - With celebs from January Jones to Georgia May Jagger sporting the classic Bridgette Bardot style, we can safely say that the curtain fringe has been given a modern twist. Parted in the middle with hair making an inverted V shape across the brow, this is a great middle ground if you’re trying a fringe for the first time. It works on both curly and straight hair and can be effortlessly chic or edgy and rock and roll depending on styling. 

Blunt - From Beyonce to Taylor Swift, the blunt fringe is an all-around celebrity favorite. Typically starting at the crown of the head, with hair hanging in a thick, razor straight line just above the brow, this look is sultry and bold and works best with perfectly straight hair of any length. 

Side Swept - This style begins at your side part and swoops down towards one ear. It can be worn long sweeping over the eye, or short so it just grazes the brow line and can be left straight or curly depending on your hair type. Versatile, easy and ever so glamorous

2 - Color

Who says that a new cut makes the most dramatic statement? A change in color can make all the difference. We’ve seen a pastel blonde trend over the past few years and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon. Whether you’re lightening your hair just a little for a sun-kissed look at the beach, or brightening up your winter blues with a Marlyn inspired platinum, blonde hair is flattering on just about every skin tone and it can also help with color maintenance if you have a few more greys than you’d like to admit. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try some pastel mermaid shades like green, blue, pink or purple there are a few great color depositing conditioners on the market. When these are used on blonde, or highlighted hair they leave a colorful residue that rinses out after a few washes making your color even more versatile and on trend


3 - Pixie

The pixie cut is undoubtedly a bold choice, but what better way to start off 2019 than with a shortcut? While you lose the ability to throw your hair into a quick pony if you’re feeling lazy, you gain total liberation from all the hours you spend with your hair dryer, and it’s one of the easiest looks to style. New pixie cuts are feminine, flirty and can be combined with undercuts and choppy layers to add a little edge. 

If you’re looking to spice up your style this year, try one of these beautiful looks. Make a big change to an existing haircut by simply adding a fringe, go blonde, or add some pastel shades to your already light color with a color depositing conditioner. Finally, if you’re really looking to mix it up, go for the chop and try a low maintenance pixie!.


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