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Our Story

Pure Vitality comes from humble beginnings starting on our very own farms as we discovered the natural benefits linked to every aspect of what came from the land and nature itself.

We began our journey by simply creating products to help address health concerns and provide benefits for our family and friends.

It was not long before we began to share these products with others and realise that there was a need for high-quality vitamins, minerals and supplements providing natural health benefits.

More importantly, we soon discovered that many natural products were often inaccessible or ineffective. Our health and wellness products are based off in depth and wellness products are based off in-depth research and a far bigger focus on the root causes as well as a genuine desire to help as many people as possible.

Our Values

Purity & Provenance

We care deeply about the quality of our natural ingredients. Our history has fostered a deep connection with where ingredients come from and how they can be produced sustainably. Whether ingredients are sourced from our very own farms and neighbouring grasslands nestled amongst the Southern Alps or as natives from a distant land – purity remains at the heart of everything we do.

Vitality for All

We were founded on the premise of helping family, friends and those around us live a life full of energy, vigour and joy. We create the best natural remedies, but our mission is to ensure that they can be made accessible to as many in need as possible. Vitality exists as the body of how we measure our success.

For the Cause

We fervently research health conditions thoroughly to discover their underlying root causes. We seek out the most effective natural remedies that target the root causes rather than deploying to match the most recent trend. We fix root causes by approaching them from many directions using high potency natural ingredients at regulated scientifically supported quantities. We work for the cause, not for the applause.