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The 100% money-back guarantee covers the quality and efficacy of the product and is limited to 180 days and no more than three hundred capsules of any Pure Vitality product.  This is to protect us from anyone who may one day request a full refund on years of purchases when they need some quick cash.  The purpose of the guarantee is to enable people to give Pure Vitality a fair trial.  Some of our most satisfied customers used our products for 6 months to get the healing they wanted, but now they're totally thrilled with their new level of health, mobility and/or fitness.

Q:  What does your 100% Money-Back Guarantee cover?

A:  The 100% money-back guarantee covers 100% of the cost of the product.  If for any reason after using Pure Vitality, you are not completely satisfied with the product, then simply return the empty bottle for a refund or replacement product.  Hopefully our staff will be able to fix you up with another product that better suits your needs, but if not, then you will get your money back.  We do not refund shipping costs.

All people are different and as with any natural supplement, the results of Pure Vitality's products vary for different people.  Although New Zealand Healthcare Professionals are saying Pure Vitality products are "Second to None" the speed at which you feel the difference when taking our products, depends on your diet, lifestyle, the build up of toxins in your body and many other factors.  Some people feel the better within hours, others take many months, depending on the amount of healing that has to take place.  However, we do not want to keep your money if you were not completely satisfied with your purchase, and as we are confident about the efficacy of Pure Vitality's supplements and skincare products we want to take away any reason for you not to try it.  So go ahead and give it a go.

Note:  You may not be eligible to continue buying Pure Vitality's health products if you claim the guarantee.