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3 Naturals Ways to Help Ease Acid Reflux Symptoms

Some form of acid reflux affects almost every member of the population at some point in their lives. You might notice some uncomfortable symptoms every now and again if you eat too fast on your lunch break, or overindulge during the holidays. A short-lived burning sensation in the chest, commonly referred to as heartburn, or an acidic taste in the mouth is usually just a signal from your body that you’ve eaten something that may disagree with you, or that you need to slow down and chew your food a little more. 

However, statistics show (1) that acid reflux symptoms affect up to 20% of the population on a weekly basis and a whopping 40% of people feel discomfort once per month. Most of us are familiar with heartburn, or a sour, acidic flavor in the mouth but the full range of acid reflux symptoms might surprise you. Did you know that acid reflux can cause or contribute to a whole host of problems (2) like chronic dry cough, laryngitis and ear aches? It can even worsen asthma by irritating airways. 

1 - Diet

If you’re experiencing acid reflux symptoms you may have noticed that they get worse after eating or drinking certain things. Some major reflux culprits are alcohol, chocolate, fried and fatty foods, coffee, onions, hot spices as well as foods that are highly acidic like citrus and tomatoes. Pay attention to what you put in your stomach and take notice if one or more of these foods cause consistent problems with your digestion. If a pattern emerges, it may be time to cut that item out of your diet, or at the very least, reduce the amount of it that you eat. 

Alcohol and deep fried french fries shouldn’t be a major component of anyone’s diet but other foods, like oranges and grapefruits, carry essential nutrients.

2 - Portion Control

It may not just be what you eat, but how you eat it that’s upsetting your esophagus. Acid reflux is caused by a weakness in the lower esophageal sphincter muscle (LES). This muscle behaves like a valve at the bottom of the esophagus, letting the food you eat into your stomach, then closing back up again to keep food and stomach acid from rising back up into your system and causing heartburn. Eating large meals strains your LES and can weaken your LES contributing to acid reflux. If you’re experiencing symptoms, we recommend eating several smaller meals throughout the day to take some of the pressure off. 

3 - Quit Smoking & Check Your Meds

Yet another reason to quit smoking. Aside from being bad for your lungs, heart, circulation, bones, reproduction and overall health, smoking can be a cause of reflux too. Cigarette smoke negatively impacts your LES muscle and could also increase the amount of acid that your stomach produces. 

If you don’t smoke, or even if you do, check your meds. Certain medications like anti-inflammatories and pain meds (even non-prescription items) can contribute to acid reflux. Consult with your doctor to find out what alternatives may be available to you. 

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from acid reflux every day, remember these 3 natural ways to ease your symptoms. Instead of indulging in large meals, try eating smaller portions throughout the day, stop smoking and consult with your doctor about any medications you are taking that might contribute to the problem, and watch your diet. 

Pure Vitality

Pure Vitality a natural supplement company based in an isolated village nestled against the snow-capped Southern Alps of New Zealand. We research health conditions thoroughly to discover the underlying root causes, find the most effective natural remedies, target the root causes rather than use a Band-Aid approach, use a multi-prong approach to fix the root causes from many directions and use high potency ingredients at scientifically supported amounts.

(1) https://www.myvmc.com/symptoms/heartburn/
(2) https://www.webmd.com/heartburn-gerd/guide/understanding-gerd-symptoms https://www.livestrong.com/article/454432-vitamin-c-acid-reflux/

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