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Feeling Exhausted? 4 Ways to Naturally Boost Energy
Feeling Exhausted? 4 Ways to Naturally Boost Energy

Feeling Exhausted? 4 Ways to Naturally Boost Energy

In our quest to be multi-tasking do-it-all superhumans, we can stretch ourselves a bit thin and end up overworked, delirious and exhausted. Balance is key and self-care is something we can’t ignore. Studies have shown that wellness management and rest, make you more productive than the go-go-go, burn the candle at both ends approach. This study suggests that relatively healthy people who increased their self-care through diet and exercise, increased their productivity levels by 5%, effectively adding one additional work day to their month, while more unhealthy people who implemented this lifestyle change, saw an increase of productivity of up to 10%! 

We’re going to talk about 4 ways to naturally boost your energy to give you the productivity you’re looking for while taking the best possible care of yourself when you’re climbing those mountains to reach your goals! 

1) Pure Vitality Enduro Vitality-Energy, Endurance & Stamina

The first thing you need to kick start any project is a great idea, right? Pure Vitality Enduro Vitality will get your brain fired up by supporting cognitive function and sharpening mental concentration. Panax Ginseng can help improve cognitive performance during prolonged periods of time and when Ginseng is combined with Gingko Biloba as it is in Enduro Vitality, it can help enhance memory in healthy, middle-aged adults

In addition to cognitive performance, Enduro Vitality boosts energy levels so you can keep those brainstorm sessions rockin’ and rollin’. Ingredients such as Bioprene up the ante on energy as well, by helping facilitate a process in the body known as thermogenesis, which helps to absorb and metabolize nutrients and expedite their transportation to the bloodstream

2) Reishi by Moon Juice

With adaptogens blowing up like Kanye’s tweets, you just can’t ignore them. And for good reason! These little guys, usually are tasked with the “simple” job of creating homeostasis: the process of stabilizing balance in the body helping to create optimal function. Moon Juice has some of the most popular products on the market when it comes to adaptogens, and Reishi is one of their best sellers

Credit: Reishi by Moon Juice

Mushrooms are often popular adaptogens, and Reishi mushrooms are among the nootropic super-mushroom all-stars and is also the sole ingredient in this powder. Nootropics are neuro-enhancing substances that help improve mental performance and brain health. Reishi mushrooms are nootropics that enhance cognitive function and provide protection from oxidative damage also known as neuron cell death, while also administering anti-inflammatory & immune boosting benefits; all of which come in handy while making sure you don’t get sick pulling long hours trying to lock in those multi-million dollar deals... 

3) Pure Vitality Premium Deer Antler Velvet

You heard us right, deer velvet. New Zealand is the largest producer of deer velvet and this velvet comes straight from the Kiwi source via Pure Vitality. If you’re wondering, deer are not harmed in the process of attaining their velvet. Deer grow new antlers annually and the antlers are removed sustainably and humanely by licensed veterinarians when they reach about two-thirds of their potential size. After removal, a new antler grows in its place. 

Pure Vitality maintains its own deer farms and produces all of their products in their own facilities, consistently providing high-quality control from antler to bottle. The benefits of deer velvet are multifold. It can reduce swelling associated with joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties, improve circulation by boosting cardiovascular health and enhancing blood cell production, which can lead to healthier blood pressure levels. It also increases immune function via healthy circulation which helps to eliminate waste and toxins in turn, reducing fatigue. Moreover, it can help speed up recovery time from injuries due to its high levels of calcium contributing to healing bones and damaged nerve tissue. Phew! That’s a hard-working deer! 

4) Water

It seems simple, too simple in fact. We’ve all heard it a million times before, “drink more water.” There’s a reason for it! A major cause of fatigue is dehydration. Dehydration can lead to low blood volume at its most serious, and can cause a drop in blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in your body, making your body work harder, thus making you tired. Not drinking enough H20 can also mean a lack of electrolytes, which means electrical signals are not communicating efficiently from cell to cell, causing a miscommunication of sorts in your body. Listen to what your mama told you, and start downing the clear stuff on a regular basis! 

Boosting your energy is possible to do naturally, and these are just a few of the great resources at the ready to help you become the energy-filled go-getter you see yourself being! Pure Vitality has an array of additional, natural, energy-boosting products HERE for you to add to your dietary regimen. Drink your water, eat your mushrooms, down that deer antler, and you’ll be conquering the world before you know it!

Pure Vitality

Pure Vitality a natural supplement company based in an isolated village nestled against the snow-capped Southern Alps of New Zealand. We research health conditions thoroughly to discover the underlying root causes, find the most effective natural remedies, target the root causes rather than use a Band-Aid approach, use a multi-prong approach to fix the root causes from many directions and use high potency ingredients at scientifically supported amounts.

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