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Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

Joint Pain is an extremely common problem among adults. According to WebMD, one national survey reports one third of all adults experience some type of monthly joint pain. Joint pain is very common in the knees, back, fingers, and wrists, but can be experienced almost anywhere in the body. Many adults spend years suffering from unnecessary pain for fear of becoming dependent on or addicted to painkillers, which merely treat the symptoms but don’t actually solve the problem. However, there are actually many effective, and *natural* ways to ease joint pain. As people become more comfortable with and committed to the idea of treating the problems rather than the symptoms of pain, several amazing natural supplement products have become available. 


Causes Of Joint Pain

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

There are numerous different types of joint pain, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injury based pain. In some cases, joint pain can be a result of muscle inflammation, such as in the case of an injury. In other cases, joint pain can be the result of the cartilage between joints wearing down, causing the joints of a bone to painfully rub together. This is the case in a very common type of joint pain- osteoarthritis (the most common type of arthritis). Cartilage is made up of Collagen, which provides a flexible and strong barrier at the ends of bones where they meet one another in a joint. Collagen contains amino acids Proline and Glycine, which are connective tissue builders. Over time as cartilage is damage or wears out, joint movement can become extremely painful. Joint pain that lasts only a few weeks is called acute joint pain, while joint pain that continues for years is called chronic joint pain. No matter what type of joint pain you’re experiencing, it can make day to day tasks extremely unpleasant and severely reduce your quality of life, so it’s important to tackle it head on.

Why Taking Pain Killers Isn’t The Answer

If you are experiencing joint pain, chances are you might do one of three things:

  1. Ignore it and try to tough it out
  2. Use over-the-counter painkillers such as Aspirin or Tylenol to manage your pain
  3. Visit your doctor for medication.

If your joint pain surpasses the reach of aspirin or ibuprofen, there are stronger painkillers known as “NSAID’s” or “COX-2 Inhibitors”. However, taking this type of painkillers might not be the best idea. Many of these drugs have been pulled from use due to them causing major long term health problems, increased risk for heart attacks or strokes, even gastrointestinal bleeding, Many of these medications compromise the body’s natural immune system leaving you wide open to harmful pathogens and toxins in the future. In the case of severe joint pain, your doctor might prescribe you with Opioid painkillers. These also have some side effects such as drowsiness, but more importantly they can be extremely addictive. Many patients begin taking doctor recommended opioids to treat pain caused by an injury, but end up with a larger problem - a long-term addiction to these painkillers that can lead to heroin use, overdose, and in some cases death. According to CNN, People who become dependent on pain pills may switch to heroin because it is less expensive than doctor recommended drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that half of young people who inject heroin turned to the street drug after abusing painkillers, also that three in four new heroin users start out using doctor recommended drugs.”

There is no need to fear that your choices are limited to pain or an opioid addiction. There are numerous natural ways to tackle joint pain that go directly to the source of the problem and repair joints rather than just fighting the pain. Of course, we always recommend that you consult your doctor before changing your treatment or trying anything new. With the approval of your doctor, you can naturally repair your body with lifestyle and diet changes, along with some natural supplements to rebuild cartilage, and get your joints running smoothly once again. In addition to products and supplements, you can treat your joint pain with exercise, diet, and various lifestyle changes and natural healing techniques. Below are 10 natural ways you can manage and treat joint pain.

10 Natural Ways To Ease Your Joint Pain


1) Maintain a Healthy Weight

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is better for your heart, but did you know that weight loss (when appropriate) can also improve your joint health? Carrying around excess pounds puts unnecessary strain on your joints. Furthermore, fat cells produce hormones and chemicals that increase inflammation and can therefore increase joint pain and contribute to increased stress on your cartilage. People who are overweight can experience joint pain all over their body, such as in their hands and fingers, due to these fat cells, not only in the areas that are being heavily weighed down. So, if you are at all overweight and experiencing joint pain, weight loss could be your first solution. Many people find weight loss easiest in group programs or support networks such as weight watchers. Easing your joint pain might be as simple as dropping a few pounds. Plus you will have the additional benefit of feeling and looking great.

2) Assess and Improve Your Diet to Feed Your Joints

If you are experiencing joint pain, you might consider adjusting your diet. You can start with basic diet improvement ideas, such as removing processed sugars and trans fat as much as possible. Additionally, there are some specific foods that can reduce inflammation in your joints, and therefore ease your joint pain. Although it’s great to stay away from processed food and trans fat, don’t be afraid of all fats! Some fats are actually necessary for your bodies systems to properly operate. For example, Omega-3 is a great way to treat joint pain. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish and walnuts. EPA and DHA, two specific types of Omega-3 acids are primarily found in fish. So, vegetarians and vegans especially need to be aware of this important source of fat and consider taking supplements if you don’t eat any fish or fish products. Sulfur, bone broth, and fresh fruits and vegetables are some other things to include in your diet. Sulfur can be found in vegetables such as asparagus and cabbage and has been shown to reduce joint inflammation. Bone broth contains Collagen, the very thing that helps maintains cartilage, and therefore joint health.

3) Explore Natural Supplements

In addition to adjusting your diet, there are other supplemental herbs and nutrients you can take to improve your joint health. With a good supplement, you don’t have to be concerned about fitting all of these unique substances into your diet, and you can get some extra substances that you wouldn’t find in your everyday food. For example, Pure Vitality offers a Joint Vitality supplement containing Organic Selenium, Boron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Vitamin D, Turmeric Extract, Boswellia Gum Extract, Deer Velvet, Glucosamine, HCL, Chondroitin Sulphate, Mega-Potent Sodium Hyaluronate, Grapeseed Extract and Piperine. Each of these ingredients has been specifically sourced and combined to maximize joint health. For example, Turmeric contains the chemical Curcumin, which reduces inflammation and pain. Boswellia Serrata or ‘Indian Frankincense’ is another ancient remedy containing potent substances which have been proven to have the same effects.

4) Get More Sleep

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

Yvonne Lee, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, has been researching the link between pain and sleep, and her research shows that not only does joint pain affect sleep, but poor sleep can actually increase joint pain. Her hypothesis is that poor sleep contributes to increased joint pain because of the way that the central nervous system processes pain, and also potentially due to increased inflammation from lack of sleep. So, if you’re experiencing joint pain, it’s important to find ways to get good sleep. Your body will be in better shape to take on the everyday strains of joint movement when it has had time to recoup.

5) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a wonderful homeopathic healing tool and can be used to treat joint pain. Practitioners use very thin stainless steel needles to stimulate different areas of your body. Acupuncture would be most relevant in treating the pain associated with unhealthy joints. Acupuncture can increase the production of your body’s natural painkillers, called endorphins, and help manage your pain without the use of over the counter or doctor recommended painkillers.

6) Epsom Salt

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

Epsom Salt Baths are an ancient path to relaxation, and there’s a reason for that. The Magnesium and Sulfates in the salt will reduce muscle inflammation and spasms. In a bath, epsom salt is easily absorbed through your skin via the warm water. This ancient folk remedy is not only great for easing your joint pain, it will help you relax and prepare to get the good sleep you need to fight your pain long term.

7) Visit a Chiropractor

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

While chiropractic treatment is not recommended for those experiencing arthritis, it can be a real game changer for those with back pain. Chiropractic treatments can set your body into motion in the correct ways to prevent any future pain. It has been shown to relax muscles, increase range of motion, and improve joint coordination.

8) Exercise

One of the best ways that you can ensure your joints will stay strong and supple is keeping in shape. Daily activity and frequent exercise will build muscle that helps support your joints. Strong muscles will keep joints lined up properly and reduce strain on cartilage. Exercise also promotes blood flow throughout the body, providing muscles and joints with oxygen and vital nutrients for healthy function and repair

One vital way that exercise relieves joint inflammation is through in supporting the lymphatic system, which is the body’s primary detoxification system. Because the lymphatic system does not have a central pump to move the lymph around the body, it relies on the movement of muscles and joints to push the lymph through the body as it removes harmful toxins and waste from the muscles and joints. The reason we feel more stiff and sore after prolonged inactivity is because there is a buildup of toxins and wastes around our joints and muscles. It takes muscle and joints pumping to remove this toxic fluid from our body.

9) Deer Antler Velvet

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Inflammation

Although this unique substance can be hard to find, taking Deer Antler Velvet could dramatically decrease your joint pain. Deer Velvet is the soft cartilage of growing deer antlers. Since deer antlers naturally regenerate every year, they contain an array of special compounds that aid muscle and cartilage strength and regeneration. Deer Antler Velvet has a unique chemical makeup that has been proven to be more effective than all of its individual chemical components ingested separately. Sometimes nature just knows more than we do! Deer Velvet is hard to find, and not something you would find in your regular diet. 

10) Essential Oils

When attempting to heal the body naturally, it's important to treat not only the physical symptoms but the emotional symptoms. Essential oils can be used as a treatment for both the mind and body. Healing substances with anti-inflammatory properties, such as Turmeric, Ginger and Basil can be applied in oil form to treat physical symptoms. However, you can also use essential oils to treat emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia. When you are feeling well rested and emotionally at peace, your body is likely to be more relaxed and pain-free as well. One of the best essential oils for relaxation is Lavender oil. According to one study in the Natural Medicine Journal, Lavender oil aromatherapy has been shown to be effective in the management of anxiety and depression.

There are many ways to combat your joint pain without turning to painkillers. If you are experiencing any kind of joint pain, or simply want to take preventative measures to ensure your future joint health - consider your diet and exercise, make sure you're getting plenty of sleep and practicing relaxation.

Top 10 Natural Ways to Ease Joint InflammationPure Vitality

Pure Vitality a natural supplement company based in an isolated village nestled against the snow-capped Southern Alps of New Zealand. We research health conditions thoroughly to discover the underlying root causes, find the most effective natural remedies, target the root causes rather than use a Band-Aid approach, use a multi-prong approach to fix the root causes from many directions and use high potency ingredients at scientifically supported amounts.






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