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Research and Clinical Trials | Composition of velvet

Modern Science Discovers What Ancient Medicine Knew For Thousands of Years

As the Western world becomes increasing aware of the benefits of natural therapies, traditional Asian remedies are becoming popular dietary supplements. In Asian cultures, velvet has been harvested from deer velvet antler and used as a wellness tonic for over 2,000 years; producing notable restorative, strengthening and protective results to both body and mind.

Deer velvet antler has been dubbed an ‘Adaptogen’ because of its ability to stabilize the biological activity of the body and strengthen the immune system, thus enhancing its ability to adapt to stresses such as disease, aging and toxins.

What Makes Deer Velvet Unique?

The robust combination of active ingredients in deer velvet produces healing qualities not seen in any other individual product. Research has identified that deer velvet antler comprises a large variety of essential amino acids, which form peptides allowing proteins to be made. Amino acids make up 75% of the human body, which are essential to nearly every bodily function. Every chemical reaction that takes place in your body depends on amino acids and the proteins that they create.

To complement this, antler velvet is a good source of cartilage building components such as glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins making it beneficial in the management of swelling, rebuilding of damaged cartilage and enhancing joint mobility.

Deer velvet is also a rich source of collagen and growth factor hormones which promote anti-aging processes and improve bone density while producing healthy hair, nails and skin.

In New Zealand, most research relating to velvet antler composition and efficacy has been carried out by Velvet Antler Research New Zealand (VARNZ), a joint venture between the Game Industry Board and AgResearch Ltd.
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More than an ancient tradition

Since scientific research and clinical studies in New Zealand and overseas have supported the ancient claims about deer velvet, there has been a rising interest in deer antler velvet as a dietary supplement to relieve a number of the ailments associated with aging.

As the fastest growing and only renewable form of cartilage in the world, deer velvet is a rich source of minerals, proteins, growth factors and nutrients essential for achieving and maintaining a high level of health. Research shows that some of the main benefits of velvet include support for joint mobility, together with general vitality and well being. Antler velvet is also shown to provide nutrient support for recovery from surgery, injury and stress. It assists in the healing of wounds, and offers support to the immune system. Furthermore, velvet has anti-ageing properties, supports red blood cell production and circulation, and supports healthy libido and fertility.

Second only to ginseng, deer antler velvet was prized in Traditional Oriental medicine and named the ‘Emperor’s Tonic’ for its powerful ability to restore the body to balance. According to Life Extension magazine, USA, ‘Deer velvet is poised to be one of the most versatile multipurpose natural remedies to arrive in the West’.

Full of Active Ingredients

Research into the active ingredients found in deer antler velvet has yielded a splendid array of minerals and bioactive nutrients vital for good health and wellbeing. (Read more)

The Benefits of Taking Deer Velvet Are Extensive

- Support Healthy Knees and Joints
Studies confirm that deer velvet has a natural anti-inflammatory property, making it suitable for supporting joint health, suppleness and mobility. A rich source of growth factors, some suggest that deer velvet may support the rebuilding of damaged cartilage over time.
- Improve Circulation And Immune Function
Active ingredients in deer velvet have been found to boost cardiovascular health by enhancing blood cell production and stimulating the immune system. Increased cell production enables oxygen to be carried around the body more efficiently and improves overall circulation and blood pressure. Healthy blood enables the body to capably eliminate waste and toxins, thus reducing the risk of health problems.

Improved circulation may also result in reduced fatigue, making deer velvet a good choice for those needing to improve both physical and mental vitality, alertness and stamina. Deer velvet has also been shown to assist with establishing regular sleeping patterns.
- Experience A Quick Recovery From Injury
The fast growing tissues and high levels of calcium in deer velvet are highly effective in healing bones and damaged nerve tissue; significantly reducing the recovery times for traumatic injury.
- Achieve Enduring Strength And Increased Energy Levels
Deer velvet has been shown to increase muscle strength without adding bulk making it perfect for athletes requiring enhanced endurance. While anti-inflammatory properties in deer velvet also make it a useful supplement for protecting joints and tissues during exercise.
- Defy The Aging Process
Active anti-aging ingredients in deer velvet work to combat the natural aging process by stimulating the regeneration of cells, keeping joints mobile and delivering collagen to hair, skin and nails for a supple appearance.
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