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Annette Whitworth, Northland, New Zealand

"I just want to say thank you. After watching our old Cocker Spaniel (13yrs Casey) deteriorate in health, not interested in food or walks, just sleeping all day, the vet diagnosed her with a damaged disk in her lower spine and the beginnings of kidney disease to which he subscribed Pervicox for her back but at the same time would speed up the kidney disease. Lots of research Natural Deer Velvet kept appearing so we had to make a choice put Casey down or take a chance. Off course we took a chance now 3 months on Deer Velvet we have Casey eating more food than she ever has, loving her walks and bouncing around like a puppy on her hind legs. So I just want to thank you for the extra time we have with Casey and for providing such a wonderful alternative to modern day medicine that if she had of kept taking there is no doubt she would not be here with us today."

Mary Corrigan, Raumati, New Zealand

"Our eleven year old Alsatian has been given a new life since we gave him Deer Velvet. Age had caught up with active antics. Since being given Deer Velvet he plays like a puppy again."

Bill Rodgers, Hastings, New Zealand

"My neighbours went on an overseas holiday and left me 'Bob' their retired sheep dog. When Bob came to stay with me he was very much an 'old' dog. I take Deer Velvet so I gave Bob one of my capsules every day. After a few days he was jumping into the back of the Landrover with no help from me. When his owners came back from holiday they couldn't believe the difference in their old dog."

Tina Hart, Paekakarki, New Zealand

"I’ve been giving my 10 year old Golden Retriever the supplement for a month and despite the arrival of winter he is behaving like a youngster again."

C Elsley, Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you again for the supply of Deer Velvet. As the proud owners of a Boxer dog this powder has definitely improved his quality of life. Angus has suffered from a severe skin condition affecting the lower levels of skin. After years of antibiotics and other medication – none of which seemed to work – we were told the only other option was to operate. Three years ago I decided to try Deer Velvet powder on my dog. After only six weeks Angus was off all other medication, the legs were clear of all infection and he seemed happier all round. Angus is now 11 years old and still keeps up with us on our weekend treks."

Heather Oughton, Wellington, New Zealand

"Katie is a 10-year-old pure bred golden retriever. Our vet said she was arthritic in the hips, needed to lose weight and required anti-inflammatory medication for arthritis, including regular injections we started her on this programme and changed her diet, and although she lost 6 kg, her stiffness didn’t really improve. We discovered the deer velvet remedy and took her off the other medication; the improvement in her was remarkable. She was a lot sprightlier and returned to her energetic puppy-like ways, choosing to run up the hills, chasing rabbits and walking ahead of us rather than lagging behind. Her aging owners are wondering if they too could go on the deer velvet medication!"

R Hobby, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln

“I felt I must write to tell you about a success story with ‘Henry’ our springer spaniel. He has caused much concern and we were told by the vet that he would need an operation which was not guaranteed success. I encouraged my wife to try him with some of my velvet capsules. Needless to say he is now a changed dog. He’s back to being a typical springer again and I have to keep warning him that if he doesn’t calm down and behave I will stop his velvet! Thank you from both of us!"